Friday, July 25, 2014

XC Photos... Again.

Avoiding a massive paper... which is less than 20% complete... and is due in two days, one of which will be spent at a horse show. Good time management at its best here people. So instead of working, I decided to share some of the awesome photos taken by a friend at our last xc school.
 Training or prelim house...
 Prelim thingy
 Training turning question... or maybe prelim. We either rode training, with novice/PT next to us or prelim with training fence next to us. Doesn't really matter either way.
 Jumping over the stream in the middle of a coffin-esque complex. Drop-water/stream/ditch-chevron.
 Cantering through the puddle
Coming off the normandy bank or the steps, can't remember which.
Normandy bank. 
You're missing the bank-with-a-massive-ditch that's one stride away on the other side of this fence.