Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring XC Schools

A video of our XC school last Sunday. We had a brilliant time, and it was fun to see how bold & confident Cadence was.  The big lesson of the day for me was to 'release' Cadence completely before the fences, and trust her to 1. not rush the fence in the last 2 strides, and 2. actually jump the fence!  It was a challenge for me because I've spent our whole partnership with me constantly focusing on slowing her down so  relinquishing that control and just letting her go was like breaking every habit I've formed.


  1. That is some serious terrain you guys are riding on!

    1. It is. Most of the events around here are pretty hilly. Actually just about all of the ones that offer anything above Novice have at least 1 or 2 serious slopes. The place we were at is purely a schooling facility, but its lovely to school in a place where you get to learn how to really ride the terrain. Plus, they've got the best footing ever!

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