Sunday, February 3, 2013

2 Years Through Jumping Pictures

Its hard to believe, but I've now had my mare for 2 years!  I thought I'd do a short series of photos to depict some of the changes we've made together over the past two years, and lets face it... jumping photos are a heck of a lot more exciting than flat school pics!
 January 2011, on my 2nd or 3rd ride on Cadence.  This is what our canter used to look like...
one of her first times through a grid and over an oxer circa early Feb 2011

 Circa March/April (pre Rolex) 2011

The stool jump! Before we had standards.  The blue standards were stolen from a friend. 

first off property school from May 2011
 at the farm of the people who loaned us the blue standards.  
 They also trailered us over so that we could use their jumps, as we didn't have a trailer OR jumps at this point!

 Cadence's second XC school
 circa July 2011

 her first trakehner
her first bench...
same time as above XC shots
 July 2011. 
We were SO out of control for this SJ round... I basically just held on and let her go.

Going XC circa Aug 2011... and me getting left WAY behind
 Aug 2011
July/Aug 2011
 Aug 2011

 Fall 2011

Here we run into a little bit of a drop in the amout of jumping footage/pictures available.  In early December of 2011, Cadence was kicked by another horse and got a 2.75 inch piece of hoof wall stuck in her R.H. leg, cannon area.  Thankfully no tendons/ligaments/bones were damaged, but between the injury itself, surgery, rehab, issues with saddle fit, then teeth, back soreness, and attitude, it wasn't until June of 2012 that I really had my mare back.  So there's a bit of a drop in photos during that 6 month setback.

Circa June 2012
Awful moment but it was the only one that wasn't completely blurry
Hunter show June2012

 Jumping lesson early July 2012
XC Derby SJ  mid-late July 2012

 July XC Derby
 First HT, Aug 11 2012 XC
 First HT, Aug 11 2012 SJ
Second HT (first BN)
 Third HT (BN level)
 Sept 1 2012

 Champs XC (Sept 2012)
 Champs Stadium... putting 1 stride in 36 feet!

First Novice/Pre-Training HT Sept/Oct 2012
Second PT Oct 2012

Gymnastic Work
November 2012
 Taking a loooong spot!

That looks better :)
 XC November 2012

 Trying out a new saddle
Circa December 2012
 Janruary 2013

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