Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pics from the Wettest Show on Earth

The only actual pic.  The rest are just video stills.


 By far the wettest I've ever been.

Cadence is such a trooper for putting up with this...

 Final halt... the rain's lessening- fro now.

I don't think I've ever been this wet before.
My awesome mare & I finishing our stadium round... still in the pouring rain

Phase 1- the take off
Phase 2- flyyyying!  We don't touch no stinking ditches.
Phase 3- Hind legs go wheee!  
And yes, I'm going xc in a plaid winter coat with a fake fur trimmed hood.  It was the only dry article of clothing left.  The start box timer actually asked me "what's with the fur?" apptly its not normal xc attire, or something like that... ;)

Tomorrow we're off to compete in 45 degree rain -_-


  1. I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!! I've moved the dressage pictures into the center THREE TIMES NOW, and they just keep repositioning themselves every time I publish it. Oh well...

  2. Jeez you're keen.

    And Blogger is much like Word and the Honey Badger. It just does what it wants, irrelevant of your needs.