Wednesday, October 31, 2012

UPDATED: Monday Jump School (10-09-2012)

Cadence and I were supposed to have a jumping lesson on Monday (mid-hurricane) but unfortunately my coach had to cancel.  So instead, we had a basic gymnastic school starting off by trotting some x-rails, doing a few one strides, and then a one-one gymnastic. To finish off, we cantered some 1m oxers, which ring in just above our 0.98m stadium height. And for those who prefer to use feet and inches, that's 3'4 and 3'2. I have a video, but for some reason it doesn't want to come up... so here are some video stills, & I'll add the video ASAP.
She was great, but felt like she was putting a lot of power into every jump.  Its not that she was over jumping them or anything. It was more similar to juggling/throwing a ball. when you throw a ball in the air, you can throw it to the same height with a lot of energy, or with minimal energy.  It all has to do with how you flick your hands.  She was putting a TON of energy into the jumps, eventhough she wasn't necessarily over jumping them.
 First time through the gymnastic

Second time 
Raised the back rail to 3'2... she had fun with this! 
 Made it a square oxer which we cantered in to

Cantering in to the oxer from the left 

(over) jumping the oxer to the left... 
She took a relatively long spot to it... and had fun! 

 3'3? How bout 5'3!
And finally, a nice one :)

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  1. You guys look awesome!! Love your position in that last one especially. :)