Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rolex 2012: Dressage Day 1

I managed to procure a nicer camera for myself... my old point and shoot conveniently died (the screen now displays only multicoloured lines) 1 week before Rolex.  So I persuaded someone to lend me their Nikon D40 I beleive.  Either way, it's been fantastic & I managed to organize the nearly 700 photos I took into individual folders for each rider.  Here are a few randomly selected samples.  If anyone has a specific pair they'd like photos of, let me know.  I managed to catch at least a part of every single test, and thus have pictures of all.
 Will Coleman and Twizzel 

 Becky Holder and the gorgeous Courageous Comet
 Becky & Courageous Comet 
 Peter Barry
 Peter Barry warming up
 Diana Burnette and Shigatzi
  Diana Burnette and Shigatzi
 Jessica Hampf and High Society III
Jessica Hampf and Trevor again
 Boyd and Remington
 Boyd takes his hat off to the crowd for a second time
 Katie Ruppel and Sir Donovan complete a much more successful test this year!  Congrats to them both for a job well done
Good pony 
 Kristi Nunni and R Star
Kristi and R- Star again


  1. Great pictures! I love the ones of Courageous Comet!

  2. Great pictures but poor comet. Could she crank him in any tighter? Wait, that seems to be the ongoing theme in the dressage arena at ROLEX. Hope you had a good time otherwise.

    1. Its funny, I hadn't even picked up on that until you mentioned it. Now I question how I didn't see that before...