Monday, June 6, 2011

Put one foot infront of the other

And you just may make it through the day... but probably not.  Knowing me, I'll trip.

It's 7:30am, and I'm sitting in the deserted hallway of my school painting my toenails and writing this blog post.  Why is that important?  Well, it isn't really... but the events leading up to it sort of are.  I've had one of those crazy insane weekends after which you're not 100% sure what you thought of it, because your head still hasn't stopped spinning.
Friday I went out to the barn (big surprise) only to find out that my lesson had been cancelled.  My coach had been trying to get a hold of me, but to no avail so she'd left word with our BO.  Disappointing, but not a big deal.  We worked on all the fun stuff necessary for our XC outing the next day, and then went for a nice hack.  Short, but sweet.
Saturday dawned dark and cloudy.  Cadence's ride arrived 15 minutes early, and thank god because it tool 1/2 hour to load her.  They had a 2 horse slant, and whenever she got up the ramp we'd try to move her bum over and she'd go right back down again.  In the end, we unloaded the other horse and popped her into the first stall.  This worked fine, and the other horse hopped right back on.  The place we were headed was 1-1/2 hours away.  About 45 minutes into it, it started to drizzle.  Then it started to rain, and then it started to storm.  Thunder, lightning, torrential downpour, the whole nine yards.  I never totally understood that expression... but I digress.  When we got off the highway, we went to turn down the road to the barn only to find that it was closed, because a bridge had washed out.  Fun fun fun.  The lady who was trailering called our coach, and she said that we'd have to turn back.  Even if it did stop, they didn't want us on the course.  Makes sense, so we turned and headed home.  When we returned home, Cadence got a short break before I tacked her up and we had a short jump school ourselves.  She was quite good for the jumps, but we tried cantering some poles, and she bounced the one stride.  More than once.  She doesn't like poles....
The rest of my day was spent driving.  I drove up to the family farm to visit with my uncle who'd flown in from Alberta.  After arriving at 10pm, I spent the next 2 1/2 hours attempting to explain the thoroughbred industry to my 12 year old cousin who now wants to become a jockey and win the triple crown .  I love her dearly, but at midnight, the only discussion I want to be having is with my pillow.
Sunday involved more driving.  Driving home from the farm, showering, spending 1 hour on schoolwork (not nearly enough time), and then getting picked up by one of my friends to go to a concert in Toronto for a band that I don't even really know.  I think I'd listened to 3 of their songs before, and had never heard of the opening band.  I didn't mind them, so I would have been excited to go to the concert, except I had a splitting headache and had been feeling sick all day.  Just my luck ;)  The concert itself wasn't bad.  I made us NOT get stuck in the middle of the crowd, so we ended up in (what I considered to be) a pretty good spot.  Near the front, great view, but not beung pressed up against from all sides.  Too claustrophobic for that!  I had a wall on my back, and we were close enough to the edge of the crowd that it was easy to escape if necessary.  The first band wasn't my favourite.  The keyboardist repeatedly stood on, stomped on, and banged on his instrument, which made me repeatedly cringe.  Their only redeeming feature was their back up vocalist/trumpet player.  Interesting touch, and not what you'd expect.  The second band was called fun. and I loved them.  Good music, and good on stage.  The main attraction was Panic! at the Disco.  They were also really great.  Engaging and entertaining, combined with good music.  What more could you ask for?
The plan was for me to spend the night with my friend, and have her bring me in to school in the morning.  We got home at around 12:30, and we woke up at 6 because she had to be into school for an early morning band practice, which is why I'm sitting here at 7:30 (now 8am) writing a blog post and painting my toes, while thoroughly avoiding any and all homework... for now.

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