Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another XC Attempt... And a Pony Gardening Session

Why oh why is it that whenever you plan on doing something that requires clear skies it ALWAYS gets rained out?  There is (a somewhat tentative XC school planned for Saturday, which I may/may not be attending depending on whether I can get a ride, and the weather.  Naturally, as we're hoping to go XC, there's a 70% chance of showers. -_-
Yesterday Cadence was great.  She looked fantastic while our BO was lunging her.  She's such a pretty girlie.  No bias here... ;)  However, since she was nice and sweaty after her lunge session, I took her and we walked up and down the drive a couple of times.  On the way back into the barn, we stopped while I opened the door.  I looked over at Cadence, and she had the long leafed plant (think the leaves of an iris... but without the flower) from the urn near the door dangling from her mouth.  I freaked (firstly because I didn't know if it was poisonous) and managed to pry her mouth open and rescue the plant, still fully intact (though slightly worse for wear) and re-plant it.  I took her back into the barn, and put on my best puppy dog face as I went to tell our BO.  She laughed... apparently another horse did the same thing last year.  At least my mare isn't the only psycho one!

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