Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lack of Lessons

So I've just enjoyed a nice long five day thanksgiving holiday, and now have the joy of writing a lit. essay for English tomorrow, and completing an art project. Oh well, I suppose I should get to the point instead of complaining about my school work.  But hh how i do love complaining!  Gahh... ON TOPIC!  I can see tonight's going to go very well!  To bet at 1:00, and up at 6:00 to go freeze my... arse... off in a snow-and-ice covered arena.  At least the field won't have any mud puddles.  So my last lesson had to be canceled, as my coach couldn't make it (*sniff*) so I put Bailey and myself to work, in hopes of getting some good canter-trot transitions out of him.  He was..... terrible.  To be totally honest, he was a royal pain to work with, and our transitions were terrible!  My biggest worry was simply getting him into a nice, calm canter while keeping his frame!  This was really frustrating, as this isn't something  we normally have to work a  lot on... but it was just one of those days.  We did, eventually, get some good transitions, and on the plus side his leg yields have improved in the walk.  He fall apart big time in the trot, but that was to be expected.  I should note that Bailey does deserve some credit.  Two ponies trailered in from down the road, so Bales had to share the arena... something we never do, let alone with horses he doesn't know.  That doesn't mean he's off the hook.....

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