Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cadence Show Season 2015 Photos

We had a strange show season. Missed our first show due to a cut that led to cellulitis. Then a strangles outbreak at our barn forced me to take her to my parents & quarantine her. After that we got 1 show in before I fall off a 3y/o and got a relatively major concussion, which had me out of commission for another month. So our show season finally got under way in late August. We had 2 runs at pre-training (novice) 2 at training, and champs before the season ended.
I haven't had the chance to upload most of my photos yet, but here are a few.
Coming out of the first water 

 Into water #2

Out of the second water/last fence on course 

Last fence on Cadence's first training! 

2nd bank combination

 Fence 1 & 2

 No idea what I'm doing here, but I put it in cause my horse looks nice!
 Le petit lengthen
Not one SJ fault all season!


  1. You guys sure did awesome even with the rocky start. Looking good!

    1. It certainly wasn't the season I had planned... but then again, I've never had a season go according to plan so it's pretty much par for the course!