Saturday, April 4, 2015

My New Man

Meet the new pony- Sheldon's Crusader! He passed his vetting Wednesday afternoon and came home late Wednesday evening. I didn't want to mention anything on the blog until all the details were confirmed, but now that the deed is done it's time to spill the beans ;)
Sheldon is a 2007 model TB that came off the track at the end of November.  He was picked up by a young lady who's putting herself theough school by flipping young horses, and she gave him some downtime at her farm before trying to find him a home. Due to the fact that we've still got snow and sub zero temperatures up here, Sheldon hasn't done a heck of a lot since he raced, as she didn't have an jndoor. He's proven himself to be a good trail horse though, and during the two rides in which she shipped him out to an indoor he behaved like a real gentleman.
I brought him home late Wednesday night, and since then he's been receiving some much needed TLC. He had his feet done today, and man oh man should I have gotten before & after pics. Unfortunately we'll have to make do with just the afters. His angles in the fronts were atrocious, and as a result there's a fair bit of bruising. The farrier thinks that given the soft ground outside right now, our best bet is to keep an eye on him, & just maintain a good trim schedule. We'll try to keep him barefoot and let his feet sort themselves out over time, rather than slapping a set of shoes on. Providing he doesn't get footnsore, that is! Here are a few pics of the fronts:
 There's a lot more to fill you in on, but I'll save that for another day. Tomorrow, I'll write an update on how he's doing under saddle


  1. Yay! Congratulations! He's a cutie. ☺

  2. Look at that stride! I bet he's going to be super fancy!