Sunday, February 8, 2015

North Carolina Countdown: T-3 Days

We had our first jumping lesson since the Hyde Moffatt clinic in November today. The moral of the story- my horse is awesome, extremely ridable, & in really great shape... but I need to raise my expectations and consistently insist on a higher quality of work. I have an awful tendency to get complacent and be like "well, that's decent..." which inevitably leads to some harrier moments, as that's when Cadence decides to take the wheel instead. Anywho, all in all Miss Mare-Face was awesome & is in a great place right now for our trip down south.

I got my saddle back from the fitter last week, and he did a minor adjustment (free of charge! Love this guy) to my jumping saddle for me too. They'll do another fitting in the first week of March to make sure the flocking's settled properly, but the saddles both feel better already. Cadence also gets a massage Tuesday afternoon before we leave, and then come Wednesday afternoon we're off.  North Carolina, here we come!
SJ & dressage at the Carolina Horse Park back in 2013