Friday, January 9, 2015

Back in the Tack

Cadence had two weeks off in December while I wrote exams and visited family. Then, starting Christmas Eve, I began to recondition her. I can be a little obsessive about reconditioning, but I'd rather go slow than risk an injury. Unfortunately the down shot of this plan is that Cadence puts fitness on really quickly, and within a few lunge sessions she's ready to rock, even if the musculature isn't there. So I've had a wired, under muscled nut job to deal with these past few weeks!
Oh how I long for the days when she would canter calmly!

She's starting to improve though, to the point where I popped her over a little x on Thursday, and it was all quite civilized! We did have a minor sore back to contend with this past week, so she's getting a massage tomorrow and a long lining session to get her working over her back a bit better.


  1. I'm glad she's improving. I hope the sore back is a very temporary set back. Keep up the great work with her!

    1. Was back to normal in 2 days, and we got massage's go-ahead to get back to work :)