Monday, June 17, 2013


Gotta get a little Bowie in here ;)

Generally speaking, I'm a person that looks forward to change. I like new adventures, and new beginnings & such, and as change is intrinsically tied to newness, I (generally speaking) really enjoy change. I really enjoyed researching new barns, going on barn tours, and having all the fun (and not so fun) experiences that go with that. But when the time came to talk to my current BO, tell her that I'd found a place to move Cadence to, and that we would be leaving... I found myself no longer liking these changes so much. To be blunt, after getting off the phone with my BO I found myself in tears. I'm not a teary person, so to break down about something so trivial (compared to the situations that would normally reduce me to tears) seemed a bit dramatic. But holding it together through that phone call was one of the hardest things I've ever done.  I know that our 'goodbye' isn't a 'goodbye forever'.  I'm leaving my barn on great terms with everyone, as most sane people won't begrudge you when you move your horse for school/work, and I plan on trailering Cadence back to (my current) barn for some long-lining lessons over the summer, so its not like I'll never see these people again either. Still, it's the end of an important chapter of my life and its end coincides with the close of a number of other major chapters in my life. Though I'm not nearly as cut up over them as I am about moving barns ;)

Anywho, for anyone curious about where we're moving:
After touring several more barns (either in person or via my friend), none of which were up to snuff, I decided to cut my losses where arena size is concerned and move to Barn 1 from my Barn Tour Post. I like the quality of care, love the facility (aside from the indoor, which is only slightly larger than a 20x40 dressage ring), and feel that I can actually trust these people with my baby.  The limitations the indoor provides probably means that this probably won't be a long term farm solution for us, as eventually the small indoor is going to start impeding our training... but its sufficient for lengthens, lateral work, and grids, so we'll make do for now. Overall I'm quite happy with the decision, and I think it'll work out nicely. But I think it'll take a while to 'get over' having to move from my current barn.

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