Sunday, April 21, 2013

Issues With Blogger

Recently I've been having a bunch of issues with posts I think I've posted not appearing on my blog.  It tends to be posts with photos done from my phone that aren't showing up, so I think it may have something to do with trying to upload larger files from my phone.  Nonetheless, the issue's starting to really frustrate me.  Does anyone (who uses an iPhone) have any blogging apps they'd recommend? I've heard good things about BlogPress, but am hesitant to spend my money on it unless its really worth it. Admittedly it is only $2.99... but if it's no better than what I get for free, that's three bucks that could be better spent!


  1. I've never posted from my iphone but whenever i comment or try to comment it doesn't work...

    1. I've had that issue too. I now post far fewer comments because of it!

  2. I have used blogpress and it does pretty good. I haven't tried to post pictures from my phone, however, so I can't tell you if that works. I always email my iphone pics to my email and then do the post from my computer.