Monday, September 3, 2012

Cedar Run HT (Entry)

BAfter an awesome weekend day at Cedar Run, not only do I get to add another ribbon to the wall (this time a 6th) but we get to go to Champs! I'm both excited and unbelievably proud of my baby girl.  Cadence completed her first event less than a month ago, and within that period of time has moved up a level, won two firsts and a sixth, and qualified for the Ontario year end championships.  She's exceeded every expectation, hope, and goal I had for this season, and continues to amaze me.

Alright, enough of the mushiness; onto the show recap.

Dressage was on grass, which initially worried me since the footing's pretty hard right now, but I checked it out before hand & the footing was actually pretty good.  We got a little less warm up time than I would have liked because it took a long time to walk XC (couldn't find the start box...) and the tack check/gate lady sent us into the ring early.  Since we were the first to go in the division, the judge wasn't back from her break yet & ended up being quite late so we had to bide the time & re-warm up a bit.  Anywho, Cadence was strong. She'd figured out that dressage was the thing you completed before you're allowed to jump... and was pretty strong.  Still, she put in a decent test.  I found the judge's comments a bit odd.  She said we lacked hind end engagement, were a bit tight in the neck (agreed), a little low in the frame, a bit heavy in the forehand (sort of agree), and that I needed more leg & to be more effective.  I'll post the video though, & people can judge for themselves.  Anywho, we sat pretty in third after dressage with a 48.
These are all just video stills... but they give you a glimpse.

She was strong in the warm up, but relatively responsive.  They were running about 15 min late, so we had a 'stop n go' warm up, but managed alright & were right on our game by the time we entered the ring.  Unfortunately, we came into the first fence just a wee bit flat & strong and Cadence, being her typical self and not respecting the 2'9 max height, tapped down the top rail.  She was good & careful after that though!  But the 4 faults moved us back into 6th place.
Trotting away from our salute
Second fence... well clear! 

 Mare says 'Wheeeee!'
 Beginning the turn
First fence in the 2 stride combo... caught at an awkward moment
 A bit deep to the second thanks to her BIG jump in
 Final fence.  I like this pic... she looks so happy

Cross Country:
Cross was... awesome.  She was strong, and pretty much 100% on her game.  It took about half of the 14 jump course to settle her, but she was never out of control- just strong.  Man is she a fun horse to ride though!  She takes you to the base of the fence and then some.  We went clear, qualifying us for champs, and had a wicked fast run coming in close to a minute under the 5:30 optimum time.

We finished off the day in 6th place.  My only complaints would be that the fotting out XC was rock hard, and that we had to wait for 1.5h for the results to be posted.  Other than that it was a great day!


  1. Congrats on qualifying for championships! Looks like you had a killer good stadium round.

    1. Thanks! It certainly was a fun one. I love it when the stadium's in a sand ring, but its a rare occurrence!

  2. My horse is super strong and fast out on XC so I have to bit him up a bit to make sure we get around safely and without getting any speeding tickets. Best of luck at championships! That sounds fun.

    1. To be honest, I hate bitting horses up. However, she's gotten to a point where while she's not unsafe, she's confident & pretty cocky. So I end up having to put in a few too many harsh corrections, & I always feel awful for hauling on her mouth. So my hope is that if we bit up she'll get some semblance of manners, & no mouth-hauling will be necessary... but if she's just as on the muscle I'd rather bit down & just spend a LOT of time (which we already do....) on keeping her respectful & LISTENING! Mares.