Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Belated Canada Day

Happy Canada day to all you Canadians out there. Sorry I'm a day late!  By the time I realized I'd forgotten to post, it was 12:30am and July 1 had already passed me by.  Ah well. I did decide that since July 4 is almost upon us, I'd wish the Americans a happy Independence Day as well.
Hopefully now that finals are over and done with (actually that's a lie... I have an english exam tomorrow... but its a special exam. I mean, it affects my grades, but the course wasn't part of my actual schedule of classes, so I don't count it) I'll be able to get back into the swing of posting.  My goal is to post daily, or once every two days throughout the summer.
As of last Saturday (30 June) Cadence has one 5 ribbons so far this year.  2 First place ribbons, 2 Fourth place ribbons, and one clear round ribbon... because you can never have enough!
As of tomorrow, I'll truly be done with all my exams.
As of Wednesday, I'll be volunteering at the equine hospital one day a week
As of Thursday, I'll have gone xc for the first time since Cadence and my semi-disastrous last outing
As of August, I'll be back to studying in preparation for my next semester of classes...
& now I'm out of things to write and have no cohesive means of closing out this post, so I'll just end it abruptly. Ciao!

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